Failure: It’s Not a Bad Word

Dan Dueck/Jenny Cid | Parent Education
– August 30, 2021


Parenting through the Pandemic

Dan Dueck/Jenny Cid | Parent Education
– August 23, 2021

“How To Talk About the Hard Stuff with Your Kids” (Death-Part 2)

Tom Zelt/Paret Panel | Parent Education
– January 30, 2020
In Part 2 of this talk, Pastor Tom Zelt addresses how to talk about death with your kids. He lays out some foundational concepts, gives practical advice and helpful suggestions that are important when thinking through how you will talk about death with your kids. Also included in this talk is a parent panel that answers questions submitted from the parents.

“How To Talk About the Hard Stuff with Your Kids” (Part 1)

Dan Dueck | Parent Education
– January 22, 2020
This is the first of a 2 part series on how to talk about tough things with your kids. In this talk, 2 main discussions are addressed: “Why do bad things happen to good people?”, and “Choices and Consequences.” Mr. Dueck offers some foundations and techniques for navigating these conversations with your children.

5th Grade Parent Education

Dan Dueck/Jenny Cid | Parent Education
– January 15, 2020
Listen as Mr. Dueck and Mrs. Cid discuss ways that can help prepare your family for Jr. High at Prince of Peace.

Technology Boundaries

Dan Dueck | Parent Education
– November 14, 2019
In a world that is so tech driven, it can be a challenge for parents to navigate the ever changing tools and apps that influence their children. Listen as Dan Dueck discusses the importance of setting boundaries at an early age, tools and resources, info on apps and games, and talks about some positive ways that technology helps us as parents.

Parent Education Night/Homework 911

Ashley Koedel | Parent Education
– November 7, 2019
Listen as Ashley Koedel, M.A. Director of Educational Services at Morrissey-Compton Educational Center, leads an informative discussion about a topic that really hits home-homework!