“I have worked and subbed at many different schools in the Bay Area, both public and private, and POP is truly a unique school. The combination of outstanding academics, engaging extra curricular opportunities, and a staff who truly love what they do allows us to really embrace our calling as Christian educators to help our students grow in knowledge, in ability, and in faith.”
Ceres Robinson

3rd Grade POP Teacher

“POP has been a blessing for our family, with their outstanding compassion and commitment not only to our children and their education but as well as to each of the families. The staff is always so welcoming, friendly and supportive. We thank you for this.”
Diaz Family

POP mom of 2

“We decided before we had our daughter that our child would go to Prince of Peace. We witnessed the church planning and efforts in building the school extension. There was so much care and thought put into its building. We have found that every teacher is so genuine in their care and teaching of each of there students, individually. In comparison to other schools and same grade levels the curriculum is well planned. I am so inspired by all the staff that go above and beyond every single day for this school. Prince of Peace is a community and school family that we are proud to be part of. “
David and Melissa Roesler

Parents of a 4th grader

Jacob Sutton started Kindergarten at Prince of Peace. When he began, as protective parents, we were concerned about how he would adjust, if he would make friends, would he be scared without us, and how would he adapt to his teachers, students, and administration. But our concerns were for naught.

Under Prince of Peace’s care, leadership, and nourishment, Jacob excelled on all levels. He academically flourished, he blossomed and made friends. Jacob loves his teachers and staff. Further, over the seven years that Jacob has attended Prince of Peace, his teachers have personally visited our home and prayed with us as we prepared for the school year. While we are all concerned and uncertain about what the future holds for Jacob’s academic learning environment, we are more than confident and reassured that Prince of Peace will rise to the occasion and provide Jacob with the best academic experience possible

Sutton Family

Parents of 7th grader

“Some highlights from the year that I look forward to are the field trips we take in our grade level – I really enjoy seeing the students connect with a subject area in a new way! I also love the fun and activities involved in Spirit Week as the students come together to raise money for Hefier Project and have fun together by dressing up crazy and running in Race for Ed! I enjoy our annual Christmas program and band/handbell concerts as they showcase the many talents of our students. I also really enjoy our chapels that are led by different classes/pastors and the student praise band each Friday. I love that we as a school can help each other learn more about the love of our Savior.”
Emily Numeron

Former POP Teacher and Alumni Parent