Prince of Peace offers a wide range of opportunities for students to be involved in the performing arts. Our Handbell Choir has been part of our history for many years. We also offer three levels of band as well as a variety of instruments including horns, strings, guitar and percussion. We added choir to our performing arts selection in 2015 as well as drama in 2016. We also have a student Praise Band that performs during chapel and other worship events.

Students are introduced to music in their class from Kindergarten – 3rd Grade. In 4th Grade, they are introduced to playing an instrument with a recorder and can join beginning band in 5th Grade.

Twice a year, the students get to show what they’ve learned during our Christmas and Spring Concerts. Many of the students who choose to travel to L.E.S.T. (Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament) get to compete with other schools from across the nation in their performing arts selection. The Handbell Choir also attends various competitions and festivals throughout the school year.