Academics Overview


Here at Prince of Peace, it is our mission to partner with families to help develop spiritually vibrant, academically equipped and personally healthy students. We seek to assist parents in their basic responsibility of educating the whole child.




Class Size

We pride ourselves in the low teacher-to-student ratio at all levels, providing good educational interaction and personal attention. Class size is limited to 22 in Kindergarten and 1st Grade with the assistance of a kindergarten aid throughout the week. Grades 2-8 are generally limited to 24 students.

Learning Resources

We recognize that each student learns at a different rate. While most needs are met by our qualified teachers and good classroom instruction, there may also exist a need for assistance in learning, both for remediation and for enhancement the educational process. If a need is greater, we have a variety of specialists available to help with most learning difficulties on a cost per service basis. For more questions please feel free to email us.


Homework gives students an opportunity to practice what has been taught in the classroom. It also provides parents the opportunity to monitor and assist in the educational process. While regular homework routines are necessary and valuable, they are not meant to overload the student with academic stress. We encourage you to communicate with your student’s teacher if you have questions or concerns. We give homework Mon-Thurs. with weekends being free. Parents should plan to set aside homework time based on the child’s grade, at 10 minutes per grade level per day. For example, Grade 3 averages 30 minutes and grade 4 averages 40 minutes.

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Our Early Childhood Program provides a warm, nurturing Christian environment where children are seen as individuals. To learn more about our preschool, CLICK HERE.

Elementary school

Our elementary includes grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade. We provide a rich academic and nurturing environment that helps the growth and development fo every student. To learn more about our elementary school, CLICK HERE.

junior high

Our Junior High program includes grades 6th-8th. It is an exciting transition program that helps prepare students for high school. To learn more about our Junior High, CLICK HERE.