What We believe


WE BELIEVE that God deeply loves each person.

Therefore we emphasize that each child is of the highest value and should be treated with respect and honor.

WE BELIEVE that God desires for us to have a relationship with him,

Therefore we seek to foster a genuine spiritual life in the life of each child.

WE BELIEVE that God has given us the ultimate revelation of himself to us in the person of Jesus.

Therefore we teach the importance of knowing what Jesus taught and did.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus died suffering the punishment for the sins of all people and that the gift of forgiveness is received simply by faith in him.

Therefore we seek to foster faith in Christ as the only way by which people can have a right relationship with God and be saved eternally.

WE BELIEVE that people were created to be in community.

Therefore we encourage children to build healthy relationships, making God’s love for people part of every day life.

WE BELIEVE that God continues to work in us by his Holy Spirit.

Therefore we help children to rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading in the everyday activities of learning, relating, and playing.

WE BELIEVE that the Bible is the Word of God.

Therefore it is the basis of all spiritual instruction at Prince of Peace School. Class time is dedicated each day to direct and intensive instruction in the Word of God.